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    Our Mission and Philosophy

    To provide high quality, cadet-centered education and lifelong learning opportunities for the communities we serve. At MANET, students pursue their goals in an environment that values diversity, individuality, mutual respect and free exchange of ideas. We committed to promote value based education system along with the latest professional techniques so as to give total satisfaction to the cadets, their parents, the statutory bodies and the shipping industry. We shall also strive to develop the cadets into physically strong, mentally alert, intellectually sharp and spiritually elevated winning personalities. These cadets with a sense of discipline, decency, decorum, dignity and character will truly become model global citizens committed to the cause of serving the entire humanity through maritime profession.

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    Department Of Marine Engineering

    The Department of Marine Engineering aims to train the best marine engineering graduates for the marine industry. Along with providing a broad based knowledge in theory, the students are exposed to the marine equipments by providing visits to ships and repair yards The educational objectives of our graduate program are to produce graduates who understand the essential requirements of a marine engineer working on board ship and will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge to solve problems arising during their career. The department train cadets to communicate their ideas and positions clearly and concisely both orally and in working and creating ability to engage in lifelong learning which will be necessary for continuing high performance in whatever career path they choose.

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    Training Ship – “Vishwanath”

    The Ship-in-Campus was established conforming to the guidelines of Directorate General of Shipping, Government of India and adheres to STCW/ IMO requirements. It was certified by Dr. S. C. Misra (Consultant appointed by D.G. Shipping Government of India) Naval Architecture and a professor from IIT Kharagpur.The state’s first and India’s 5th Ship-In-Campus facility named “Training Ship Vishwanath” was Inaugurated on 26th Oct. 2007 by Hon. Shri. Ajoy Chatterjee, Chief Surveyor with Govt. of India and Chief Examiner of Engineers.. The ship-in-campus training covers around 11: 52 hrs. of practical training and ensures effectiveness as well as quality of training. The main objective of ship-in-campus is to familiarize cadets with on board ship machineries & systems, impart understanding of the working principle of all systems.

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    Campus Recruitment

    MANET has specially instituted placement cell that supports our cadets in getting jobs in reputed shipping companies. We invite shipping companies for campus recruitment from third year on wards. At MANET we believe in imparting complete education encompassing academics, hands-on knowledge as well as placement support. Based on the framework drawn by D.G.Shipping, the qualified and experienced staff at MANET strives to impart in-depth knowledge along with a lot of emphasis on practical training, thus customizing the education to the needs of today’s shipping industry. For more information, please contact: Prof.Rajiv Kashikar, Chief Engineer, H.O.D., and Placement & Training Department,Contact no. 020-26012901/02/03/04. (Extension: 135) Mobile no.: + 91 9922577979.

MANET Infrastructure

MANET having World's Best Infrastructure required for Maritime Institute.

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